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Els (A.E.) Schipaanboord is a PhD Researcher in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (ICRP, Ghent University). Prior to her appointment at Ghent University, she obtained her LLM in Criminal Law & Criminology and Private Law at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). Her past professional experience includes working as a lawyer at the Pieter Baan Centre and as a lecturer on criminal law and criminal procedure at Leiden University.

Els is now working on her research project entitled “The legal position of mentally ill offenders”. She conducts research in the field of criminal law, human rights law and health law. In particular her research aims to work towards an International and European legal framework to assess national legislation regarding the legal position of mentally ill offenders in criminal justice systems.

For a list of publications and conference papers see: https://biblio.ugent.be/person/802001754726